Terminally Ill Man Gets Last Wish

8 Jan

A terminally ill man recently married the love of his life. The two met when they were homeless and realized they shared a lot of the same interests. Such a sweet story.

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Should a Man Date If he is Struggling with His Finances?

12 Dec

A little something I found while trolling the internet. 😊 Your thoughts, should a man date if he is struggling with his finances?

Reboot In Order

11 Dec

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your continued support. So sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been preoccupied with family, clients, volunteering, writing the next 2 books, and recasting vision.

All that to say, I missed a few months not because I had nothing to share but because I could never carve out the space to share the content in my head … don’t be surprised when you see a flood of posts!

I do want to encourage everyone to be a little kinder, a little nicer to your fellow man. We can’t control what people do or how they treat us, but we can control our response.

Tamar Braxton is Quitting Music to Save Her Marriage

25 Sep

Songstress, Tamar Braxton is reportedly quitting music to save her marriage to Music Executive, Vincent Herbert.

As a married woman, I understand and respect her decision. Quite often in marriage, there are sacrifices that have to be made to make the union work. None of us fully knows what has happened behind closed doors. I’m sure this was a difficult decision for Braxton. However, family should always come first.

We wish her all the best!

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Who Deserves the Honor?

15 Sep

Her stepdad pays for the wedding, but her “biological dad” is bestowed the honor of walking her down the isle. This is wrong on so many levels.

Your thoughts?

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Relationships-411: Couple of the Week

28 Aug

Jesse & EricaCouple Picture

Wedding Date: April 11, 2015

How we met: Online (Christian Mingle)

Advice: In marriage, you bear each other’s burdens. If one partner is unhappy, it hurts the other. That’s why it’s so important that you are fulfilled. Seek to know God’s calling on your life and pursue it! Don’t play it safe for fear of hurting your marriage. The best gift you can give your spouse is you happy and whole. They’ll experience your joy too!


valentines day pic

If you would like to be featured in our “Couple of the Week” spotlight send an email to, info@terrycato.com and put Couple of the Week inquiry in the email subject line. Thanks! 

Why Millennials Cheat

10 Aug

A recent study asserts that Millennials cheat for two primary reasons: 1) they feel that their partner is not satisfying their needs and 2) they want more independence.

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Preschool Sweethearts Marry

3 Jul

I absolutely love this story:


All Male Bachelorettes for One Bride 

3 Jun

Some things are static when it comes to weddings. The bride will wear a white dress; there’s something borrowed, something new and something blue. But what is a bride to do when she realizes that all of her closest friends are men?!

Check out what this Engineering student did.

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Husband Defends Wife Against Intruder

29 May

Kudos to an 82-year-old former weightlifting champion who successfully subdued and held a would-be intruder until police came. The former champion and hero didn’t feel accolades were necessary stating that he was doing what he felt he should, “….protecting his home and wife from harm …”.

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