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Should a Man Date If he is Struggling with His Finances?

12 Dec

A little something I found while trolling the internet. 😊 Your thoughts, should a man date if he is struggling with his finances?


Reboot In Order

11 Dec

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your continued support. So sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been preoccupied with family, clients, volunteering, writing the next 2 books, and recasting vision.

All that to say, I missed a few months not because I had nothing to share but because I could never carve out the space to share the content in my head … don’t be surprised when you see a flood of posts!

I do want to encourage everyone to be a little kinder, a little nicer to your fellow man. We can’t control what people do or how they treat us, but we can control our response.

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